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Hope is the thing with feathers, that perches in the soul, and sings the tune without the words, and never stops at all.
- Emily Dickinson

Treatment Services

1) Individuals with the injury or disease in the frontal area of the brain may experience limitations in judgment, planning, self-control, motivation, attention or emotional balance. Counseling may help to establish specific daily routines and procedures, methods of self-control, communication strategies and social strategies. Counseling may also assist in the development of realistic long-term goals in life plans.

2) A variety of other neurological or medical conditions may lead to the development of depression, anxiety, social changes or vocational limitations. The individual may experience difficulty with goals and self-image. Counseling seeks to minimize the impact of depression, anxiety and negative thinking and maximize independence, practical personal and social adjustment and encourage realistic short-term and long-term goal seeking behavior.

3) Cognitive-behavior therapy is provided for posttraumatic stress disorder resulting from violent confrontations, significant accidents or injury. Treatment seeks to minimize the fear, anxiety, avoident behaviors and intrusive elements that have developed from the trauma.

4) Cognitive-behavior therapy is utilized for the treatment of social anxiety disorder. The goals of treatment are to help the client improve confidence, reduce negative thoughts about social interactions and gain better control over anxiety through improved stress management.

5) Persons with intellectual disability may, at times, experience depression, general anxiety, temper outburst, vocational limitations or relationship difficulties. Counseling and guidance seeks to assist the individual to gain better emotional and behavioral control and develop realistic goals and levels of independence.

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